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Start-up Guide with the Lawyer Profession

Start-up Guide with the Lawyer Profession

Are you wondering whether the legal profession you have chosen is really the right fit for you? Want to learn the legal profession, which university you should study at and where you should practice and work? How you can enhance the legal knowledge and experience accumulated from practicing this profession? How you can quickly become a professional and well-known lawyer? How and when is it appropriate to establish, operate and grow a successful law firm on your own? How can you minimize mistakes, risks and the occupational accidents of this profession? How do you prevent occupational illness caused by this job etc. if no books on the subject are available in the university libraries or in book shops in Vietnam.

For the purpose of meeting this practical need of law students, law interns and lawyers, Phuoc & Associates are pleased to introduce the Book “Starting career with lawyer profession” (reprinted since the first time) from author Nguyen Huu Phuoc, Founder of Phuoc & Associates. Through nearly 600 pages, Mr Phuoc shares from his wealth of experience in successful law practice in Vietnam with the aim to provide an overview of this profession. As a result, this Book hopes to support you in orienting your career development in order to be a successful lawyer.

We do hope you will find what you need in this Book. We wish you every success with the lawyer profession you select.

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