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Banking & Finance

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Banking & Finance

Banking - Finance Consultant in Vietnam

Banking and Finance is one of our strongest practice areas. Our experienced lawyers in the Banking and Financial Team have advised many domestic and foreign owned financial services businesses that are currently developing rapidly in Vietnam. We provide our clients with legal advice on a wide range of banking and financial services, including simplifying the mortgage process for borrowers throughout Vietnam while complying with applicable Vietnamese laws.

Our knowledge of the banking and financial services industry in Vietnam allows our experienced team of lawyers to respond quickly to the requirements of our clients at a high standard. We understand the complexity of financial arrangements and also the complexity of the banking and financial services industry.

Vietnam’s banking and financial services sector is highly regulated and rapidly changing over time, and as a result of its ability to deliver greater efficiency, improved customer service, and providing innovative solutions is becoming more and more important for banks.

On that basis, our clients will realise our ability to quickly reach the bottom line of the issue, meaning that we can promptly identify key issues and establish what needs to be done to achieve them. We provide best trade results and protect the interests of the clients but still strictly follow the law. This is an advantage for the clients, especially on issues that require an in depth understanding of the complex legal environment in Vietnam.

Our services

Regulatory compliance

We have a long history of working with clients in the financial services industry to help them manage compliance and regulatory requirements. This includes advising financial institutions on issues related to their legal obligations and bridging their contact with local and central regulatory authorities in Vietnam. Our experience with financial regulations and compliance expertise includes: compliance with Vietnam’s credit and financial services laws; Banking practice rules and other industry’s practice rules; Regulations on payment system; and Security obligations.

We have extensive hands-on experience with credit law and its compliance issues. We assist financial institutions and other lenders in providing compliance advice in all aspects of the applicable law that affect the provision of retail credit. Importantly, we have a wealth of hands-on experience in drafting compliance documents for clients in all aspects of consumer finance. We are also involved in all aspects of lending, from advice on compliance issues to the issue of drafting and reviewing relevant policies and procedures regarding that issue.

Commercial lending

Our Commercial Lending Team represents commercial banks in a variety of financial transactions and engages in all aspects of financial transactions as required by our clients, including structuring transaction, management review of legal evaluation and legal analysis, drafting and negotiating important agreements and finally closing the transaction.

In addition to a wide range of borrowing companies including listed corporations, unlisted multinationals, and large private companies, our team of attorneys has extensive experience with legal support for many banks and financial institutions. We have a strong presence in the sectors of real estate and consumer goods. We regularly advise on legal issues related to corporate finance, financial acquisition, finance for property, construction and other real estate financial transactions, and domestic and transboundary financial transactions.

Loan debt collection

Our team of lawyers has extensive experience in providing legal advice on solvency management, and debt collection in all courts and areas of the jurisdiction in Vietnam. Our clients include local and foreign owned banks and other financial institutions as well as a range of private sector entities. Our team of lawyers throughout Vietnam helps clients recover and resolve bad debts or disputes effectively, save costs and follow the debt recovery principles and regulations in Vietnam.

Our team

Our team of Finance and Banking attorneys possess extensive experience working for financial institutions in Vietnam. All of our experienced lawyers are able to have conversations with clients about all aspects of banking and finance law in Vietnam. Our Banking and Finance team consists of experts in retail banking related products and services, consumer credit, mortgages, financial laws, and payment mechanisms.

Some of our Finance and Banking Team lawyers have extensive experience working at leading international law firms in Vietnam, as well as from previous senior level inhouse counsel positions at financial institutions and multinational corporations. This experience contributes to our initiative and brings business acumen when advising clients operating in transboundary environments. Our Banking and Finance teams work closely with our lawyers who are experts in the fields of real estate, commerce, regulatory and industry to assist our clients in meeting growing challenges and seize opportunities.

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s banking and finance matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to