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Phuoc & Partners attributes its contemporariness, fast development and success not only to current member contributions but also to those who have ever worked for Phuoc & Partners in the past. We are very proud of them – the contemporaries of high social position – who have sought new jobs filled with challenges and prospects in companies and the large corporations in Vietnam or have established and managed their own enterprises successfully, as can be expected. We believe that their working time for Phuoc & Partners will stay with them as splendid memories.

We will forever think fondly of them and follow their steps as they continue on their career path and professional development. We believe that their current job positions have partly reflected Phuoc & Partners’ quality of education and training in recent years.

We value the interest and trust placed in our legal services by ex-staff, as several regularly introduce their legal work or professional relationships to us. Moreover, there were some ex- staff that, after a period of leaving Phuoc & Partners to experience new job challenges, have decided to return to work for us. We greatly appreciate their continued belief in Phuoc & Partners development opportunities and can be counted on to welcome our ex- staff with outstretched arms to work for us again.

We welcome all Phuoc & Partners ex- staff to the Ex- staff Column at This column is designed to help ex- staff keep in touch with each other and with us, providing information about current and previous events and happenings at Phuoc & Partners. Visiting, ex- staff will be made aware of upcoming Phuoc & Partners events, view pictures from past events, have the opportunity to view new suitable job placements at Phuoc & Partners, update contact information and search for any other ex- staff in Phuoc & Partners’ list of ex- staff. If you are an ex- staff of Phuoc & Partners and if you would like to receive news, updates and invitations to Phuoc & Partners’ events, please provide information of your current work. You will begin to receive Phuoc & Partners’ annual internal newsletter.

Find your Alumni record in box below.


Name Title Office Photo
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Dungz Paralegal HCM  
Ms. Le Thi Minh Chau Associate HCM  
Ms. Le Thi Minh Thu Associate HCM  
Ms. Dao Thi Truc Vi Paralegal HCM  
Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thuy Receptionist cum Admin HCM  nguyen-thi-thanh-thuy
Ms. Dang Thi Kieu Sa Paralegal HCM  
Ms. Dao Thi Kieu Vy Senior Paralegal HCM  
Ms. Lac Hong Dinh Admin HCM  
Ms. Ta Thi Hong Quyen Associate HCM  
 Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van  Chief Accountant  HCM  
 Mr. Nguyen Chi Thien  Paralegal  HCM  
 Ms. Pham Thi My Hanh  Paralegal  HCM  
 Ms. Chau Nguyen Huyen Tram  Senior Paralegal  HCM  
 Ms. Lac Thi Tu Duy  Partner  HCM  
 Ms. Bui Thi Thu Trang  Paralegal  HCM  
 Ms. Le Thi Minh Quy  Paralegal  HCM  

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