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Success as a Lawyer - the journey is not always a bed of roses

Success as a Lawyer – the journey is not always a bed of roses

To commemorate 77 years of the Traditional Vietnamese Lawyer’s Day, Phuoc & Partners has marked the occasion with the release of the second edition of the book “Start-up Guide with the Lawyer Profession”. This is considered a useful handbook, containing the sincere sharing and guidance of one of the experienced and famous lawyers in Vietnam for young people who want to start a career as a lawyer, whether you are a job seeker or a lawyer looking for opportunities to start a business.
As with any profession, the journey to success as a lawyer is not always a bed of roses. While these 19 years, Phuoc & Partners team has accumulated vast experience and expertise in various facets of the legal sector and always ensures to maintain our sole goal of representing to protect the legal interests of both our individual and corporate clients to the best of our abilities. We have had our challenges and ups and downs, but we believe we will always dedicate ourselves and make unremitting efforts to continue to bring great results to our clients.
The growth and success of Phuoc & Partners are the results of our excellent partners and employees and their commitment to our clients and each other. So we want to take this occasion to thank all of you, our clients, partners, and colleagues, for the immense support you have given us and the trust and confidence during the past two decades.