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Client Relationship

Q & A - Client Relationship

Q & A - Client Relationship

1. How can I become your law firm’s client?

To become our client, you will be asked on behalf of either your company (if it is the legal work of your company) or on your behalf (if it is your own legal work) to sign a fee quote/legal services agreement drafted by us, based on your request for our services which will be sent to youby either by email, letter or fax. After receiving the signed legal services agreement from you, our accounting department will send you a retainer invoice and as soon as you have paid the retainer in full, you will officially become our client and we will begin the implementation of the legal work required by you. Except for the case of bad debt recovery services which are agreed to be charged on the basis of a recoverable amount, you will be our client at the time of your signing the fee quote/legal services agreement.

2. How long is the maximum time that I have to answer the fee quote/ legal service contract sent from your law firm?

The reasonable time for you to reply to our fee quote/legal services agreement is from five (05) to seven (07) working days from the date we sent it to you. However, if you need more time to consider and decide on the use of our legal services, you can request a reasonable extension to this period of time which will be stated in the fee quote/legal services agreement we will send to you. We always listen and will accommodate our clients needs as best as possible.

3. Can I entrust providing confidential information to your law firm?

As a legally operating law firm in Vietnam, we are required by the Law on Lawyers of Vietnam to keep the information provided by clients confidential (except for a few cases requested by competent State authorities) not only during the provision of legal services but also for a certain time following such provisions. We always comply strictly with their ruleS and have a clear set of guidelines for our lawyers and support staff for their implementation. We are also willing to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement with you so as to make you feel more secure about your relevant information to us. If the incorrect disclosure of any of such information provided causes serious material damages for you, we will pay compensation for material liability per the provision of the fee quote/legal services agreement signed and the relevant provision of applicable laws of Vietnam.

4. I want to be updated frequently about new laws and regulations from time to time – does Phuoc & Partners provide any legal update free of charge?

Yes, we do. We issue our legal newsletter on a monthly basis at the beginning of each month. For urgent legal matters, we do not wait until the issue of a monthly legal update but will issue a brief legal alert regarding its legal implications, for your attention. This is a free of charge service and if you want to receive our legal update and legal alert, please send your email address and your company contact to our email address We will add your contact details to our mailing list and you will receive our legal update and legal alert monthly as mentioned above. However, in case you read our legal update and legal alert and want to receive specific legal advice and/or receive supporting legal documents from us, we will carry out your request but will charge a reasonable fee for this service.

5. Does Phuoc & Partners buy necessary licenses to use office software (for instance Microsoft office, accounting software, legal document search software)?

As a law firm duly operated in Vietnam, we always focus on compliance with the law of Vietnam in general and intellectual property law in particular. Therefore, we have purchased necessary licenses for all of our office software being used from trusted service providers in Vietnam.

6. If I am not satisfied with service provided by the lawyer who is assigned to handle my work, do I have the right to request Phuoc & Partners to change my lawyer?

Provision of legal services is similar to the provision of other services, so there will inevitably be a few clients at a certain point of time who are not satisfied with the way our lawyers provide services. We always try to listen, understand and adapt to the needs of our clients at all times. Therefore, if you have any issues where you are not satisfied with our assignedlawyers/support staff, please email our Managing Partner (Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc email: raising your issue(s). Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc will consider the issue and talk to the people involved so as to improve the provision of services for you and will further inform you of its outcomes. If the situation does not improve, then you should inform to Mr. Nguyen Huu Phuoc again and we will quickly adjust the personnel appropriately in accordance with your requests.

7. Generally, how long will your law firm keep client related information after the legal work is completed?

Normally, we will keep client related information that was provided to us or obtained by us in the course of providing our legal services for a 24-month period, calculated from the date that all assigned work is completed. This information is kept for reference purposes should clients require further legal support services.

Please note that after the legal work is completed, it is our law firm’s policy to immediately return to the clients all information related to their legal work. We will only consider providing such information to a client again within the above-mentioned 24-month period if the client can show a reasonable cause.