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For nearly 20 years, we have provided professional representation services to a wide range of businesses in different industries. Our litigation team with highly experienced litigation attorneys has a proven career record in engaging in all types of business disputes, representing clients who can be both plaintiffs and defendants in complex civil and commercial lawsuits at courts of all levels.Our litigation team focuses on keeping clients out of the court where possible. We proactively advise corporate clients on how to resolve disputes without the need for litigation and how to minimise future business disputes. However, when litigation is found to be necessary, our experienced team of lawyers are active, proficient, and skilled in handling relevant affairs in courts. At Phuoc & Partners, we stand side by side with the clients from the very beginning to the end of the case, guiding them through all the legal aspects of the cases. When necessary, this includes appealing first-instance court decisions to the appellate court level. Our experienced litigation team has debated legal issues related to client lawsuits before judges and people’s jurors at first instance and appellate hearings throughout Vietnam. This includes a wide range of local, national, and international legal issues, including:

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s litigation matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to