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An important step in a student or a young legal consultant’s professional development is to partake in an internship. An internship gives actual working experience in an operational environment, helping students gain the professional skills and knowledge that will become the foundation of their future career. Interns can also receive benefit from:

  • On the job skills training which further synthesizes their previously learned knowledge;
  • Help students consolidate and enhance their understanding of business practice;
  • Becoming more familiar with their vocation through practical work experience; and
  • Developing autonomy, responsibility and other values that are essential to the workplace.
Internships give students the necessary experience in a real-life setting to help them decide on their future career. An intern should therefore be willing to give their best effort at all times – to be as professional and diligent as any staff employee, to devote themselves to the work at hand and be willing to learn from everyone.
Phuoc & Partners is a large, reputable and admired consulting firm with a strong team of legal experts and consultants with a wealth of experience in many different areas of law and business. There are several great opportunities to become an intern at Phuoc & Partners that would be very advantageous to a student or young lawyer in their future career.
This list below is Internships who have been practicing at the Phuoc & Partners:

Ho Chi Minh - Head Office

Nguyen Tuan DatVan Lang University

Ho Chi Minh University of Law

October, 2019 
Suyin LefanteUniversity Toulouse 1 Capitole, in France

University Toulouse 1 Capitole, in France

University of Law of Ho Chi Minh City

October, 2019 
 Nguyen Thi Tu TrinhHo Chi Minh University of LawDecember, 2019 
Nguyen Thi Le NaHutech UniversityNovember,2019 
 Jeanne Ribere University of Bordeaux Erasmus

University of Law of Ho Chi Minh City

 Pham Thanh Truc Ho Chi Minh University of Law February, 2020 
 Naoufel Boudouda  University of Economics and Law of Ho Chi Minh February, 2020 
 Blandine Rollet  Ho Chi Minh University of Law March, 2020 
 Chloe Baumard  Ho Chi Minh University of Law March, 2020 
 Jordan Silva ConinHo Chi Minh University of Economic and LawJune, 2020
Arlin Mathew –
Remote Intern
University of Central LancashireJuly, 2020 

Ha Noi - Branch Office

 Nguyen Thi B Ha Noi University of Law 2019
 Nguyen Van AHo Chi Minh University of Law2019
 Nguyen Van AHo Chi Minh University of Law2019
 Nguyen Van AHo Chi Minh University of Law2019

Da Nang - Branch Office

 Nguyen Thi C Ha Noi University of Law 2019