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Traditional Song

Corporate song of Phuoc & Partners

Experiencing music through a corporate song that is scientifically proven to increase happiness and form positive relationships among a group of people in an enterprise such as Phuoc & Partners. Using this kind of experience when presenting the core values ​​of Phuoc & Partners will be an effective way to get staff on track with Phuoc & Partners’ goals and purposes.

The corporate song will be suitable in the world of law firms in general and Phuoc & Partners in particular because it not only brings to the staff of Phuoc & Partners but also to clients, partners, suppliers of Phuoc & Partners, social & professional associations, and local State authorities have the opportunity to see things about Phuoc & Partners from a different perspective that will help them carve more deeply into the corporate image of Phuoc & Partners. The brand value of Phuoc & Partners will not only lie in the colour, identity, and unity of the brand, but also the impression of lyrics and vocals from its corporate song. Therefore, the corporate song will definitely bring long-term brand value to Phuoc & Partners and strengthen links of the above subjects with Phuoc & Partners. Usually, the lawyers and support staff of Phuoc & Partners are always caught up in their daily work routines, manage their time through meetings and focus on client and internal work deadlines without considering why they have to do them. They heard from Phuoc & Partners’ equity partners about core values, vision, mission, etc. of Phuoc & Partners, however, they rarely find a deep connection to these ideas. Why so?

In order to connect well, besides other things to do, the lawyers and support staff need to find personal meaning in Phuoc & Partners’ purposes – they need time to contentize concepts and means to express themselves through them. This is where Phuoc & Partners’ corporate song can inspire them.

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