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Legal Training

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Legal Training


With nearly 20 years of experience designing corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops in both English and Vietnamese, for in-house counsels and staff at the management level, we are considered to be very suitable for help clients with legal training requirements.

Given our nationwide presence, our clients can choose from weekly short training sessions at our clients’ offices, intensive training seminars, or an official course at our training centre in Ho Chi Minh City.

Take a corporate legal course / seminar / workshop with us, one of the leading business legal training providers in Vietnam.

A corporate legal course / seminar / workshop will provide the attendees with:

  • More confidence in explaining important points of the applicable laws in Vietnam;
  • Suggestions / advice on how to interpret ambiguous or unclear regulations;
  • Clear guidance on the effective representation of attendees acting on behalf of and for the businesses in legal matters that have to work with administrative and juridical agencies;
  • Be more aware of how to correct attendees’ mistakes on the use of legal terms;
  • Improve the skills to edit and draft legal documents; and
  • Improve presentation and negotiation skills when using legal terms.

Appropriate corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops are ideal for in-house lawyers and staff at the management level of the business, allowing them to communicate and address legal issues daily in the businesses.

The content of corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops of enterprises will be determined according to each level and the requirements of the attendees. However, the core subject area for each corporate legal course will include:

  • Accurate and appropriate use of specific legal vocabulary for attendees based on the subject’s practice and industry;
  • Interpersonal skills for: internal consultation, legal opinion, internal group meetings, and remote meetings; and
  • Drafting ideas, memos, or agreements that clearly match the area of ​​expertise or industry of the attendees.

We always have corporate legal training available on any day of the year, except for weekends and public holidays in Vietnam. Our corporate legal training is usually conducted during working hours of the clients, although training can also be conducted outside working hours according to individual client requirements.

Appropriate and published reversing materials as well as online learning resources will be used throughout the attendees’ corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops, with recommendations for self-study materials and further readings being made at the beginning and throughout the corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops of the businesses.

We offer a variety of training formats for our corporate legal courses / seminars / workshops, from one-week intensive courses to corporate legal seminar mo-duns. Appropriate formats will be discussed during the clients’ initial evaluation and consultation.

All of our experienced trainers and speakers are Vietnamese native speakers who have at least 6 years of professional legal and English language training experience. In addition to the relevant education and language experience, many of our trainers and speakers also have significant exposure and expertise in the professional world. A corporate legal course trainer and speaker will be assigned to teach / speak with the attendees based on initial counselling results for attendees according to the attendees’ objectives and areas of interest.

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s legal training matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to