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Legal Translation

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Legal Translation


Translation of legal documents from English to Vietnamese and vice versa is one of the important areas of expertise of Phuoc & Partners. We understand that translations are intended for submission to courts or arbitrators, are used for binding contracts and agreements, or for registration procedures with State authorities, therefore requiring the highest level of accuracy possible. At Phuoc & Partners, we assign clients’ projects to specialised legal translators in our Legal Translation Group who have a background in law and many years of industry experience with legal translation.

Many of our experienced legal translators have previously worked in legal related fields in Vietnam, such as attorneys and paralegals. In addition, to ensure the quality of translation, all translated legal documents are proofread and edited by a second legal translator of our Firm to provide the highest level of accuracy possible.

In the legal field, the time limit for completing translations is often extremely urgent. A team of highly qualified legal translators ensures the completion of a large number of legal documents in a timely manner upon the request of clients. For large-scale client projects, we usually assign a team of legal translators to get the maximum number of clients’ legal documents translated.

In certain cases, upon client request, we can certify each legal document translated by our legal translators, so that the clients can use them in certain circumstance and for certain purposes in Vietnam and abroad.

If any client would like further information on how we can assist in addressing the client’s legal translation matters, please feel free to contact us at: +84 (28) 36223522 or fill in the form as bellow and send it to