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Tax dispute and litigation

Tax - Tax dispute and litigation

The Tax Dispute and Litigation Practice deals regularly with the Ministry of Finance, General Department of Taxation, and local taxing authorities in resolving tax disputes and cases, and we have successfully litigated a variety of tax disputes in the Vietnamese courts.
The firm’s wealth of experience in tax administration, policy, and procedure provides us with valuable insight into the governments and the courts perspectives into several tax issues.

Our tax litigation practice has represented several diverse industries involving a wide array of domestic substantive tax issues in the areas of income, employment tax, as well as in the tax-exempt arena. We are often required to apply complex provisions of the tax law to facts arising out of highly specialized areas such as transfer pricing, business valuation, corporate finance, financial and regulatory accounting. In preparing cases, we work closely with in-house specialists as well as with private sector and academic consultants. We work in a fully integrated fashion with our clients’ in-house counsel and tax managers/directors, and take pride in understanding and achieving our clients’ goals in tax disputes.

In addition to representing clients in tax litigation, we frequently counsel clients regarding tax procedures, such as reporting and disclosure requirements, the avoidance or abatement of tax penalties, privileges, summons enforcement, and domestic discovery. We also represent clients involved in criminal tax investigations advising at the entity or with senior management.