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Can I pay the legal service fee of your law firm in a foreign currency?

According to current regulations on foreign exchange control of Vietnam, payment currency in transactions within the territory of Vietnam (including legal services related transactions) must be in the currency of Vietnam (VND). Therefore, the payment currency will be VND on all of our quotes/legal service contracts and service invoices issued to all of our clients being organizations registered to operate in Vietnam and foreign individuals permanently present in Vietnam.

For some of our clients have foreign elements, such as foreign-invested companies, representative offices and branches of foreign traders in Vietnam, our law firm can, in addition to VND, further notice the payment currency in foreign currency (applicable to U.S. dollars (USD) only) with the value of USD equivalent to the amount of VND at the selling exchange rate of the State Bank of Vietnam, calculated at that time of the clients’ referral, comparison and internal reporting, but the payment must be by VND. The quotes/legal service contracts and payment in USD will only apply to client companies and individuals which do not have a permanent presence in Vietnam.