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If I am a Vietnamese or a Vietnamese company but have a legal job in a foreign country (such as establishment of enterprise or participation in a litigation case), can I choose your law firm to support me?

You can choose our law firm to assist you with your legal matter. However, please note that because we are a law firm licensed to operate in Vietnam, we will only be able to advise you on Vietnamese law relating to your legal matter(s). To carry out the legal work related to foreign laws, we will only be able to help you at: (1) finding a local company to provide legal services in that country which has expertise of the legal work that you need for a reasonable fee based on our network in the legal community; (ii) translating documents that you need to provide into English and send them to the foreign law firm you selected; (iii) monitoring the progress of work, communicating with your lawyer in that country and reporting the same to you promptly; and (iv) if necessary and requested, as an authorized person, representing you at courts/ arbitration bodies to protect your interest.