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Labour law training

Labour And Employment - Labour law training

Phuoc & Partners Resources Workplace Training offers highly interactive training programs that translate business and labour law standards into practical guidelines for participants.

We provide training and education on a variety of employment-related topics and can assist clients with a broad range of employee, supervisor and executive training issues and personnel management.

Our training programs, led by experienced lawyers and dynamic trainers, provide supervisors, managers and human resource professionals the knowledge and skills necessary to respond to the challenges that govern their daily workplace.

We believe that all participants from the mailroom to the boardroom need to be engaged and active in the learning process. Therefore, our training sessions are not focused exclusively on the legal issues at hand, but instead are participant-targeted and incorporate interesting and creative exercises, hypothetical scenarios and case studies. We engage participants through user-friendly and memorable “take-aways” and materials. Our sessions are conducted by seasoned, professional trainers who are also experts in their fields.

We routinely receive comments such as “this is the best training we have ever had” from training participants. You can learn more about our legal training service at Legal Training Practice