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Construction litigation

Litigation - Construction litigation

Our highly motivated and knowledgeable Construction Litigation team knows how to efficiently and aggressively negotiate contracts and, when necessary, to litigate, mediate, and arbitrate construction and construction products claims.

Our team has counselled and advised clients on many complex construction projects, contracts, and construction claims throughout Vietnam, including a wide array of large, complicated, high-profile public and private projects, as well as many major industrial, commercial, and residential projects.

A Strong Background and Available Skills

We have litigated a large number of multimillion-dollar construction claims, in trials, in many district and provincial courts, as well as numerous arbitrations and complex mediations.

We’ve earned a national reputation in the field; members of our team are routinely asked to speak and write on various construction-related topics for industry professionals and legal societies.
We know the construction industry, its processes, and its players. We are intimately familiar with the design, construction, and financial issues that can arise from a troubled project, and we know how to protect our clients’ interests and present the best case possible.

We also have an extensive background in mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution that are now progressively being used in the construction industry.

We offer an extensive background in complex construction contracting and litigation, including:

  • Contract Drafting and Negotiation
  • Project Administration and Claim Avoidance
  • Dispute Resolution
The Language of Liability

We speak the language of construction litigation, and are thoroughly familiar with the various theories of liability relevant to any construction project, product failure, or architectural errors and omissions case, including:

  • Bid protests
  • Product and materials deficiencies
  • Specification disputes
  • Design errors
  • Testing and analyses
  • Code and professional standards
  • Performance and payment bond claims
  • Mechanics’ liens
  • Uniform Commercial Code applications
  • Warranty and contract liability
  • Performance versus design specifications
  • Critical Path Method scheduling
  • Industry standards
  • State-of-the-art issues
We also routinely handle the drafting and negotiations of all types of construction and service contracts, change orders, and indemnification and dispute resolution agreements.

Efficient and Cost-Effective

Our experience allows us to avoid “reinventing the wheel.” We are time- and cost-efficient, staffing appropriately for the management of any size case and offering competitive rates and alternative billing arrangements.

We are also completely familiar with the various methods of alternative dispute resolution. We constantly look for ways to resolve disputes early and to simplify the litigation process.