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Nguyen Quynh Tho

Nguyen Quynh Tho

Senior Paralegal
+84 (28) 36223522

Nguyen Quynh Tho is a dedicated and experienced law graduate at Phuoc & Partners. Tho showcases expertise across varied legal practice areas, particularly labour law, dispute resolution, and legal training for businesses. Her extensive background and steadfast commitment enable Tho to fortify legal strategies, ensuring clients navigate complexities with confidence and achieve optimal outcomes.

Tho joined Phuoc & Partners in 2022.


  • LLB (2020)
  • Lawyer Training Certificate (2022)


With a sharp insight into legal matters and solid expertise, Tho demonstrates a quick ability to identify legal solutions, assisting clients in resolving their legal issues. Tho has been involved in providing various legal services to clients such as

  • Providing solutions and participating in various disputes, from family matters and land issues to commercial and administrative cases, at both Courts and Commercial Arbitration;
  • Drafting and reviewing legal documents for businesses; Participating in legal training sessions for businesses operating in the technology and logistics sectors.

Work history and other professional activity

Before joining Phuoc & Partners, Tho honed her skills through internships and work at Hoang Thu Law Company Limited as a Paralegal.

Furthermore, Ms. Tho serves as a member of the advisory board in legal seminars organised by Phuoc & Partners and VNHR (Vietnam Human Resources) conferences.


Vietnamese and English

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