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Why should a lawyer be hired to draft a contract?

Why should a lawyer be hired to draft a contract

Why should a lawyer be hired to draft a contract?

As a party to the contract, many people still think that drafting a complete and accurate contract is not difficult and can be done on their own. However, drafting a contract without using a lawyer can expose the contracting party to many legal risks stemming from its homegrown contract.

In fact, drafting and understanding the content of a contract is a very complicated process. Inadequacies in the implementation of a self-written contract will constantly arise if the drafting person is not a person with sufficient legal knowledge, experience and perspectives – something that lawyers always must have.

An experienced lawyer will assist clients through the beginning to end of the drafting of a complete contract and guide through the steps of reviewing, evaluating, analysing, and anticipating risks. This can be done face to face, helping customers avoid errors and misunderstandings about the content of the contract. In addition, lawyers will help clients prevent legal problems arising from a “poor quality” contract, including representing clients in court, if any.

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4 Notes For Hiring A Lawyer To Draft a Contract in Vietnam

In short, although hiring a lawyer to draft a contract may be costly, this is extremely important as a lawyer possesses the greatest expertise  with respect to harmonising the rights and interests of contractual parties in an optimal way – “You get what you pay for”.

The following are reasons to hire a lawyer to draft a contract:

1. The customer is not a contract expert and may lack understanding about the relevant laws.

To hire a lawyer to draft a contract and agreements is always a good idea.

Lawyers will stick to the issues they know best. If you are not a contract expert, you should hire a lawyer to handle important contractual issues to avoid negligent and serious mistakes.

2. Lawyers always find methods that provide the best possible risk prevention

Hiring a lawyer to draft a contract may be costly, especially when compared to having someone with no expertise drafting, reviewing and analysing contractual issues from a legal perspective. But a lawyer with strong experience in drafting a contract will be a wise guide when anticipating all the problems that customers may encounter as well as developing a plan to avoid any adverse risks, especially for remote customers.

3. Consult new and professional legal perspectives from lawyers

It is much better for a lawyer to draft and evaluate a contract when there is no pressure on the viewpoint of benefits, losses or subjective competition factors. Attorneys’ perspective on contractual issues is also objective and reliable, from which legal opinions can be made appropriate to the situation and capabilities of clients during the drafting process, sign and execute contracts. This ensures the contract complies with the law and respects the principle of equality of the parties.

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