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Vietnam Human HR Summit 2023 - Special offer for Phuoc & Partners Clients

Vietnam Human HR Summit 2023 – Special offer for Phuoc & Partners Clients

The Vietnam Human HR Summit is the most reputable annual conference on human resources for top executives and HR professionals in Vietnam. It is a prestigious and prominent event for HR professionals to keep up with trends and expand their professional networks. The Vietnam HR Summit 2023 marks its 7th time since its start in 2015.

This year, the Vietnam HR Summit 2023, comprising the Conference and Exhibition, will be held at Adora Conference Center on 10 November 2023, with the participation of nearly 1,000 HR professionals, managers, and CEOs from both local and foreign invested companies. This event is held by the Vietnam Human Resources Association (VNHR) to facilitate HR managers connecting with each other on a single platform and keeping up with the business development trends in the market, where they exchange successful business transformation ideas.

The theme “From Surviving to Thriving” will include 10 diverse topics, ranging from macro perspectives to practical experiences. These topics are inspired by crucial keywords currently interested to businesses, enable attendees to grasp the latest information and how to apply them in their work.


Register now to find answers to the following key questions:

  • Placing people at the center of every innovative strategy?
  • Being savvy with “digital” – the management thinking that drives success during challenging times for businesses?
  • Enhancing the resilience and determination of leadership capabilities?
  • AI Technology strategy, ChatGPT amplifying productivity, optimising all costs?

And meet…

  • Over 1,000 HR professionals, Experts – HR Managers await you at the intersection of strategy and art – hacking the essentials of managing human resources
  • Over 15 Speakers who uncover the success stories of leading businesses, igniting inspiration for attendees to escape from thinking traps and to explore growth opportunities from breakthrough ideas.
  • Over 30 pioneering HR tech firms will provide insights and optimal solutions for resource management, for maximising revenue and minimizing costs.
  • Moreover, many exciting revelations will be shared soon.



If you are interested in the Summit, please contact Phuoc & Partners for our support in registering and having a chance of getting up to 50% discount tickets via email: