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Top 10 Countries For Investments In Vietnam

Top 10 Countries For Investments In Vietnam

Top 10 Countries For Investments In Vietnam

Foreign direct investments (FDIs) in Vietnam rose to USD 11.96 billion from January to August 2019. Among the invested sectors, manufacturing and processing industry comes on top, followed by real estate and then wholesale and retail sectors. Top 10 countries for investment in Vietnam are listed as follows:

Hong Kong leads all FDIs at 24.9 percent of total pledges in the first eight months of the year regarding investment in Vietnam. Hong Kong has secured this position after many years.

South Korea comes in at second thanks to many popular names. So far, Samsung has invested dozens of billions of US dollars in Vietnam, turning Vietnam into its global hub for manufacturing mobile phones. LG Electronics has also invested heavily in Vietnam, opening a new US$1.5 billion production base in the northern city of Hai Phong.

Singapore ranked at third. This country’s investments in Vietnam are diversified in various geographical regions and sectors, including ­services, processing and manufacturing, and real ­estate.

These top 3 are followed by China. This country has rapidly increased their investment in Vietnam recently. The trade tensions between China and the United States has a significant impact on the shift of Chinese investment. Previously, Chinese investors were mainly small businesses with low-quality and out-dated technology. However, nowadays, many large-scale projects are accelerated.

Japan comes in at fifth in this list. Along with manufacturing industries, Japanese investment in Vietnam’s non-manufacturing industries, such as retail, wholesale, IT, and professional support and education, will continue to increase.

The next countries to be listed are Taiwan, the United States, British Virgin Islands, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Australia and the United Kingdom which are all considered as major investors in Vietnam.

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