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IP Lawyer service in Vietnam

IP Lawyer service in Vietnam

IP Lawyer service in Vietnam

In Vietnam, intellectual property (IP) is still a new concept, with its currently legality unclear. However, using the copyright and trademarks of other people for a commercial purpose is as popular as the value of such intellectual property brings to users. Thus, the clients need to render legal advice of the lawyer before registering the copyright and trademarks. This article shall provide you an overview of the IP lawyer service in Vietnam.

1. The IP lawyer service is rendered by lawyers

IP Lawyers shall consult and perform issues regarding marks of individual, collective, inventions, copyright, copyright related rights, utility solution patents, and industrial designs:

  • Performing the procedures regarding disapproval, complaint and effective cancellation of the registration certificate;
  • Extending the validity of the registration certificate;
  • Managing the record for the enterprise;
  • Noting the relevant variation of the registration certificate; and
  • Consulting the intellectual property rights transfer.

Moreover, IP lawyers can search for information regarding marks; consulting the ability to register and use marks; resolution for complaints and disputes regarding intellectual property. Similarly, the IP lawyer service in Vietnam assists clients in the scope of work as mentioned above.

2. You should hire an IP lawyer service to resolve your issue relating to intellectual property

The law firm has lots of professional lawyers who can provide clients with IP lawyer services in Vietnam, optimally and effectively. There are many law firms established each year in Vietnam, but a law firm can exist for a long time as they have served their clients well by providing clients both pros and cons of a legal solution as well as their practical point of views relating those legal matters, which leads to an efficient and effective solution for their clients. The attitude and experiences of a professional law firm can help you save time and costs when dealing with legal matters relating to IP rights.

In the process of resolving the disputes regarding IP rights, the enterprise can have many difficulties such as troubles in understanding IP law or competition law. To deal with unfair competition as well as the infringement of IP rights, the client should render the legal advice by using an IP lawyer service in Vietnam.

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