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Hiring Lawyers to draft contracts in Vietnam and 6 things must be kept in mind


Hiring Lawyers to draft contracts in Vietnam and 6 things must be kept in mind

Drafting contracts is one of the legal services provided by Lawyers, who have expertise and experience in consulting and drafting relevant contracts. In fact, when seeking the support of Lawyers, the Client always want to get the best quality of services and meet their requirements. Therefore, in order to meet their needs and expectations, the clients need to keep in mind and pay attention to the following issues:

Firstly, each type of contracts such as civilcommerciallabour etc. has their own nature and specific characteristics in comparison to other types of contracts. Thus, when choosing a Lawyer to support drafting contracts, the client should base on the specialization of the Lawyer and consider whether such specialization is appropriate for the field of contract that the client would like to implement or not.

Secondly, as mentioned above, after all, the thing that clients are most interested in when hiring a Lawyer is the quality of service. However, for selecting a firm providing professional legal service in general or well-qualified Lawyers who specialize in contracts in particular is also a problem for the client.

In the context of current development, hundreds of law firms and law offices have been incorporated and operating across the country, whereby, for selecting a well-qualified Lawyer, the client should look for long-standing, reputable and experienced law firms or law offices in the field of drafting contracts.

Based on long-standing reputation and professional lawyer team, it will not disappoint clients with the quality of services as rendered.

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Thirdly, when the client sign a legal service agreement to hire a Lawyer, it means binding the rights and obligations between both parties, one party renders services and one party accepts to use services.

Therefore, for minimizing the unclear status of the contract’s object, rights and obligations involved in the process of rendering and using the service, the client needs to specify the request as well as fully, accurately provide information for the law firms or law offices.

Accordingly, clear exchange of initial information between Lawyer and the client is extremely important and necessary. In addition, it is possible that during the implementation process, Lawyers need to be provided with additional information, clarified any issue whereby the Lawyers may request more information to implement services in the best way.

In that case, the clients should be enthusiastic and actively provide information and promote cooperation in goodwill from each party, facilitate favorable conditions for implementing the work quickly and effectively.

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Fourthly, when signing a legal service agreement between the client and Lawyer, the client need to carefully peruse and consider, research the scope of work rendered by a Lawyer.

The reason is that when scrutinizing the legal service agreement, the client will be able to understand the work that a Lawyer shall implement for drafting an agreement and have a comprehensive view on the rights and obligations of parties in the process of rendering services.

Besides that, by understanding the scope of detailed work of a Lawyer, the client will see the work that a Lawyer has and will do, thereby comparing the correspondence of the scope of work to service fees as required. Additionally, understanding the scope of work of a Lawyer shall help the client to easily follow up whether Lawyers have performed in the right scope of their work or not and avoiding passive status and  depend too much on the other parties.

Fifthly, although the client has entrusted the responsibility of drafting contracts to Lawyer, it is not so that the client shall not follow up with progress of the work or other issues related to the drafting of contract.

Accordingly, the client should actively follow up and keep up the progress of the work, or even make relevant requests about the time to complete the work, etc. In addition, when arising any problem or issue with regard to transactions which may affect the contents of contracts, the client should immediately notify Lawyers to discuss and seek appropriate solutions.

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Sixthly, it is also noted that Lawyers’ scope of work will not include any guarantee that the parties will enter into the contracts because there are many commercial matters which will be considered and decided by the parties and it is subject to the willingness and cooperation of the parties to enter into the contracts.

However, as Lawyers from a professional law firm, they will try our best to assist the clients to the possible extent to successfully close the deal.

If you would like further information on how our firm can assist in addressing your Drafting contracts issues, please feel free to Contact Us.