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Good Lawyer In Ho Chi Minh City and 5 Ways To Find Them


Good Lawyer In Ho Chi Minh City and 5 Ways To Find Them

Lawyers are the ones who assist and ensure clients’ issues will be undertaken in compliance with regulations of laws, help to save money and time so that clients could focus on their business activities. Nonetheless, how to find yourself a good lawyer amongst countless number of practicing lawyers in such a big city like Ho Chi Minh City?

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A good lawyer in Vietnam and 5 ways to know

  1. Finding at reliable sources of assessment

Legal 500, Chambers, Asia Law…are all trusted sources of assessment of lawfirms worldwide. Lawfirms having been ranked in these sources of assessment are all highly acclaimed and self-affirmed their rank through successful transactions that their good lawyers are involved. Once identifying your issue, you may choose award-winning law firms which have strength in the particular issue. For instance, paying attention to awards such as “Top Merger and Acquisition Lawyers”; “The real estate law firm of the year”; “Managing lawyer of the year”, etc. These lawfirms will appoint their good lawyers with related experience to support you in solving your problem.

  1. Looking for information at legal newspaper sites

Besides the provision of legal services to clients, good lawyers also contribute articles to well known local newspaper sites, expressing their opinions or analyzing controversial issues in the society from legal perspective. Good lawyers of Phuoc & Partners have also contributed lots of articles in such legal forums. Some of remarkable articles are: “Subsidiaries go into bankruptcy – can creditors claim against parent companies?” by Senior Associate Lac Thi Tu Duy on The Saigon Times date 24 January 2019 and “Compulsory contribution of social insurance by foreign labours: waiting for further instruction” by Partner Duong Tieng Thu and Paralegal Nguyen Thi Hang on The Saigon Times dated 15 November 2018. Lawyers having articles posted on local newspaper sites as above are all good lawyers and expert in the field they are writing about. You may consider contacting them if you find their article content associated with your issue.

  1. Consulting your acquaintance

One of the simplest ways is consulting acquaintances around you. Because they had experience in using legal services of good lawyers, they could give you objective and sound advice. However, the drawback is that you do not always find people encountering the same legal issue to yours. Nevertheless, this is still worth considering.

  1. Consulting law practitioners

Law is a board field covering a variety of different areas of specific law. However, lawyers in particular and law practitioners in general, regardless of their expertise and practicing fields, are still able to give you advice and and recommend you some names of good lawyers that they know. This is a highly safe and accurate source of information. Thank to widespread network of colleagues built up after many years of working in the legal profession, law practitioners can help you to find good lawyers for the problem you are facing.

  1. Consulting City Bar Association

Ho Chi Minh Bar Association is a social – occupational organization representing and managing lawyers as well as the practice of lawyers within the city. Therefore, this is an endless and reliable source of information when you are looking for good lawyers in Ho Chi Minh City. You can contact City Bar Association via email address for information.

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