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What makes a good Lawyer in Vietnam?


What makes a good Lawyer in Vietnam?

Lawyer is a noble profession with the role of bringing fairness and order to society, protecting legitimate rights and interests of infringed organizations and individuals. However, not all lawyers are good lawyers who successfully live up to the expectation of this career to the society and their clients.

The road to become a lawyer contains many difficulties but, in order to be recognized as a good lawyer, it requires even much more effort, time and conditions. This article is going to give you an insight into what makes a good lawyer.

Firstly, a good lawyer must be good at both professional knowledge and social background knowledge. A lawyer accumulates professional knowledge since their four years as a undergraduate in college, their time doing Master of Arts degree and later in their course of practice.

However, only theoretical knowledge is not enough. To be able to advise and successfully handle client cases requires a vast knowledge of economics, politics and society. Having knowledge in various fields will help lawyers give advice that is feasible to practice and still ensure the compliance with the law.

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In addition, a good lawyer is someone who has both professional and soft skills. Knowing how to speak, persuade, debate, negotiate and ask question; even the ability to draft legal advice, contracts, agreements are considered an essential trait of a good lawyer.

A good lawyer is someone who can, through his soft skills (mainly expressed by speaking and writing), convey specialized issues in law (that may somewhat confusing), to clients in the most understandable and logical way to those who are not in the fields. To achieve that, good lawyers must also be proficient in soft skills such as presentation, communication, teamwork and time management.

Besides, a good lawyer cannot lack the ability to think logically, apply legal reasoning and judge problems. For each client, the lawyer will have to solve different problems in different level of complexity. There is no specific sample formula that applies to all legal issues. Therefore, the main difference between good lawyers and an average one lies in the ability to think and analyze problems. A good lawyer is someone who can use his or her analytical and judgmental abilities to solve the legal situation in a simple and thorough way.