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5 basic principles that a well-qualified banking and finance lawyer needs


5 basic principles that a well-qualified banking and finance lawyer needs

A well-qualified banking and finance lawyer always ensures the following basic principles:

  1. Having an in-depth knowledge of finance & banking as well as the relevant laws.

Banking and finance lawyers must be experts in the process of lending and borrowing money; assets relating to the transaction between banks and companies or individuals. Those lawyers must have a wide range of knowledge in various areas of practice such as: asset finance, acquisition finance, real estate finance, consumer credit…

In addition to an in-depth knowledge of finance & banking, a well-qualified banking and finance lawyer must have a wide range of knowledge about laws and relevant regulations regarding banking and finance, as well as keep up with changes in relating laws and policies of the government.

Clients of lawyers practicing in banking and finance include a variety of investors such as private equity funds and investment management firms that seek opportunities to make investments in banks and other financial institutions in Vietnam, requiring the lawyers practicing in this field keep improving their knowledge in order to handle different types of legal matters from clients.

  1. Having many years of experiences in finance and banking.

In order to be recognized as a well-qualified finance and banking lawyer, years of experiences is also a chief factor to reflect the qualification of a lawyer practicing in fields of finance and banking. Accordingly, with many years of practicing, a well-qualified lawyer could support clients in providing legal advice as well as practical solutions, and representing the clients to litigate before the court in case of arising disputes.

  1. Having practical view about legal matters in this field

A well-qualified finance and banking lawyer has many years of experience in supporting many clients (both lender and borrower) to proceed their finance transaction and avoid any (potential) legal risk. Being faced with many different types of cases, a well-qualified lawyer could provide clients both pros and cons of a legal solution as well as their practical point of views relating those legal matters, leading to an efficient and effective solution for their clients.

  1. Keeping information confidential

As a lawyer practicing in finance and banking, many lawyers are always in contact with sensitive or confidential information of the clients, which could be business secrets, technology secrets or business strategies. Maintaining principle of confidentiality for all information provided by clients and provide information to other parties only if they are permitted by clients or required by law is the key requirement for any well-qualified lawyers, especially for well-qualified banking and finance lawyers.

  1. Complying with the laws

In providing legal services, a lawyer with extensive expertise and legal knowledge must respect and comply with the law during their practice. A well-qualified lawyer must act to protect the legal rights and justice of their clients without committing any illegal acts for client or personal benefit.

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