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Methods Of Settlement Of Disputes Over A Sea-going Vessel

In current, the international trade and transportation of goods by sea have an indispensable role in the economic development of each country. This results in demand in methods of settlement of disputes over a sea-going vessel. Disputing parties will often try to find appropriate methods of settlement of disputes over a sea-going vessel to resolve conflicts and disagreements and at the same time, to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of the parties.

Maritime Code 2015 of Vietnam defines a sea-going vessel means floating movable means specially designed for operations at sea. A sea-going vessel referred to in this Code shall not include military ships, official duty ships, fishing ships, inland watercraft, submarines, submersibles, hydroplanes, floating warehouses, movable platforms and floating docks.

In principle, the involved parties can use methods of settlement of disputes over a sea-going vessel like negotiation, agreement or filing a lawsuit at competent arbitration or court. Accordingly, disputes in relation to a sea-going vessel are resolved by arbitration or court in accordance with competence and procedures prescribed by law.

In the case where at least one party is a foreign entity or individual, the parties of the contract may agree to bring the dispute to arbitration or court of a foreign country. In the case where the parties involved in a maritime dispute are foreign entities and individuals and have a written agreement to settle the dispute by arbitration of Vietnam, then the arbitration of Vietnam shall have the competence to settle such maritime dispute, even if the place of dispute is outside the territory of Vietnam. However, it should also be noted that a dispute in which the relevant parties are all foreign entities and individuals may be resolved in a Vietnamese court if the grounds for establishing, changing or terminating the relationship between the parties related to a maritime dispute under the laws of Vietnam or the property related thereto in Vietnam.

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