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"Legal Talk#1 - Legal Issues in Recruitment: A Seminar Overview"

“Legal Talk#1 – Legal Issues in Recruitment: A Seminar Overview”

Our most recent seminar on “Recruitment Legal Issues” for internal consultants and HR professionals was a success. Our intention was to provide participants with a thorough understanding of legal factors in the hiring process, such as employment contracts, different kinds of apprenticeship and internship agreements, and legal concerns specific to the hiring process.

The subject speakers at the seminar discussed the various kinds of employment contracts and how they differed, highlighting the legal ramifications of each. Along with giving helpful advice on how to train staff members and provide work experience while adhering to legal requirements, they also discussed the proper application of apprenticeship and internship agreements.

Additionally, the significance of making sure the hiring procedure is legal was emphasized during the seminar. The seminar also offered a chance to hear and discuss solutions to actual problems and situations from the work of participants who are HR professionals and internal counsels.

Watch for upcoming legal talks in our series of legal talks covering a range of legal issues relevant to employment law on our website and fan page. Monthly events are held for the Legal Talk Series Project. For the upcoming event, we urge you to sign up early.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for the Legal Talk Series initiative. We hope to see you at upcoming events.