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In today’s business activities, compliance with legal regulations on labour is not only an obligation but also a decisive factor for the success of a business since the existence and development of an enterprise depend greatly on the ability to effectively exploit and use human resources. In the context that the legal regulations governing labour issues are constantly updated, the demand for finding and using legal services in this field of enterprises is increasing. The following article will help readers learn about legal services in the field of labour for corporate clients.

  1. Benefits of using legal services in the field of labour for corporate clients

Currently, businesses are facing many difficulties in solving legal issues related to the field of labour. Complex and ever-changing labour laws make tracking and compliance a challenge for corporate clients. Failure to understand legal provisions is not only likely to lead to shortcomings in the legal filing system of enterprises but also give rise to disputes between enterprises and employees. In fact, failure to comply with labour laws may lead to enterprises having to pay administrative penalties, be inspected and inspected from time to time. In addition, when enterprises have disputes with employees, disputes that are not resolved satisfactorily will negatively affect the reputation of enterprises in the market and create bad “precedents” at enterprises.

Therefore, the role of lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour is becoming increasingly important for enterprises in advising on compliance issues, building legal filing systems, carrying out administrative procedures and resolving labour-related legal issues. Here are some outstanding benefits of using legal services in the field of labour for corporate clients.

First of all, by using legal services in the field of labour, corporate clients are updated with legal regulations extensively on labour, employment, social insurance, tax issues, helping businesses comply with legal regulations, and preventing legal risks that may arise. In addition, the enterprise also has a consulting and support unit to solve problems arising with employees or with competent state agencies, such as explanation, settlement of complaints and complaints related to the field of labour. Currently, businesses have many choices for legal service providers in the field of labour. Selected lawyers and legal experts are usually those who have professional knowledge and practical experience in the field of labour and employment, can support and advise businesses on legal risk prevention options flexibly and effectively.

In particular, in complex cases such as settling labour disputes, lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour are the ones who help businesses find solutions in an objective, effective, cost-optimised way for businesses. They have the ability to represent businesses in court and judicial agencies, directly negotiate and negotiate with employees to protect the legitimate rights and interests of corporate customers. It can be seen that lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour will be an important companion of businesses in the process of complying with the law and resolving disputes.

In addition, the use of legal services in the field of labour also helps businesses save costs and optimise operational efficiency. Small and medium-sized business clients often do not have a complete legal department, so these businesses often choose legal services only when a specific case or request arises. This option can help businesses save management, operation and personnel costs.

In conclusion, legal services in the field of labour are not only an important part of the modern business environment, but also a useful tool to help businesses ensure legal compliance, minimise legal risks and optimise their business operations. Therefore, the use of the services of lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour brings many benefits to businesses.

  1. Common legal services in the field of labour

Legal services in the field of labour are usually revolving the provision of legal solutions related to issues of labour, employment and social insurance. The service segments related to this field are quite diverse and can be mentioned as follows:

  • Advising on labour policies and regulations promulgated by competent State agencies: Lawyers, when providing legal services in the field of labour, will promptly update legal regulations related to labour issues, answer to enterprises new policies, advising on procedures to help businesses comply with legal regulations. The analysis and advice of lawyers also support businesses in the decision-making process related to adjusting and reforming internal policies accordingly.
  • Advising on the rights and obligations of employees and employers in the labour relationship: In the process of the employee and the employer establishing and implementing the labour relationship, the parties may encounter various legal situations that require consultation of lawyers from time to time. For example, in case of transferring an employee to a job other than the labour contract, enterprises should pay attention to ensure that the requirements of law on the reasons for transfer, duration, salary and work that the enterprise arranges for the employee during the transfer process must comply with the provisions of labour law. The enterprise’s failure to comply with any conditions may lead to complaints and lawsuits from employees. The role of lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour is also reflected in guiding enterprises and employees to understand their rights and obligations in accordance with applicable labour laws, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of the parties as well as maintaining harmonious and stable labour relationships.
  • Advising on the implementation of labour administrative procedures: Lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour assist enterprises in carrying out administrative procedures related to the development and registration of internal policies such as registration of internal working regulations, sending collective labour agreements, applying for work permits for foreign employees, procedures for declaring and finalising personal income tax for employees.
  • Consulting on labour contracts: One of the important services of lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour is to help enterprises draft and review various types of contracts arising in labour relationships, ensuring that the terms in the contract are in accordance with the law and protecting the interests of both parties. Lawyers are engaged in drafting and resolving issues related to employment contracts, information confidentiality agreements, vocational training contracts, etc.
  • Consultancy and participation in labour dispute settlement: Labour dispute settlement is a complex legal issue that takes a long time because it can go through lengthy negotiation, conciliation and litigation processes. In the process of settling labour disputes, enterprises often need the assistance in formulating strategies, negotiating, persuading and litigating from lawyers. Usually, litigation lawyers not only give legal advice but also represent enterprises to resolve disputes with employees, assist enterprises in negotiations, mediation or proceedings, collect evidence, present and argue in order to increase persuasion at the competent dispute resolution body, ensure the best legitimate rights and interests for businesses.

Thus, lawyers providing legal services in the field of labour not only play an advisory role, helping businesses and employees understand the law but also an important partner of enterprises in ensuring legal compliance and resolving labour-related legal issues effectively and fairly flat. By supporting corporate clients to understand and comply with labour laws, lawyers’ labour legal services play an important role in building a professional, fair and sustainable working environment.

The above is an overview related to legal services in the field of labour – for corporate client that Phuoc and Associates share with readers. If you have difficulties in finding a Law Firm to advise and support in the relevant legal field, please contact us. Phuoc & Partners is a professional consulting firm established in Vietnam and currently has nearly 100 members working in three offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Danang. Phuoc & Partners is also rated as one of the leading consulting firms specialising in business law in Vietnam that has leading practice areas in the legal market such as Labour and Employment, Taxation, Merger and acquisition, Litigation. We are confident in providing Clients with optimal and effective service.