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Contents & Sample Of The Contract For International Freight

International freight is a popular commercial activity today. Individuals and businesses need to pay special attention to the contract for international freight to ensure the rights, interests and responsibilities of the parties involved to prevent risks from occurring. The following content & sample of the contract for international freight will help the subjects have an overview.

  1. Contents of the contract for international freight

A contract for goods transport means an agreement between parties whereby a carrier must transport goods to an agreed destination and deliver it to the authorized recipient, and the customer must pay the freight charges[1].

The main content of the contract for international freight will stipulate: the goods to be transported, the place of receipt and delivery, the mode of transport, the time of transportation, the rights and obligations of the parties…

  1. Sample of the contract for international freight

The contract of international freight plays an important role in the production and business process and the implementation of commercial transactions of the subjects. The contract of carriage of goods is the clearest legal basis for the cooperation of the subjects. This is the basis for the parties to perform work and resolve disputes (if any).

The contract for the international freight will have the following basic terms:

  • Contracting parties (carriers and service users).

–           Terms of transported goods. This clause should clearly state what the transported goods are, the quantity, quality, packing specifications, and notes for the types of goods.

  • Terms of delivery location.
  • Terms of delivery time.
  • Terms of vehicle used for transportation.

–           Terms of the carrier’s rights and obligations.

  • Terms and conditions of the charterer’s rights and obligations.
  • Terms of fees and payment.
  • Terms of insurance of goods and transportation.
  • Terms of fines and compensation for damage.
  • Terms of force majeure.
  • Terms of contract dispute settlement.
  • General Terms.

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[1] Article 530 of Civil Code 2015.