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Real Estate

Our real estate workout lawyers represent lenders and borrowers in real estate workouts across the nation. We have the extensive resources necessary to handle distressed loans for both lenders and borrowers.

Our available services include:

  • Restructuring distressed loans and recovering secured assets by judicial and non-judicial means
  • Advising lenders and institutional investors regarding preworkout agreements and other lender   liability avoidance matters
  • Advising clients dealing with financially troubled third parties, including troubled banks and other financial institutions
  • Representing clients in court foreclosures and other secured asset recovery proceedings
  • Advising clients in negotiating and restructuring troubled real estate projects, tax planning and strategy, including reorganization and new financing or investment
  • Providing real estate advice in bankruptcy matters, including stays against lien enforcement, set-offs, preferences, fraudulent conveyances, leveraged buyouts, and the power of the debtor-in-possession or trustee to assume or reject leases and executory contracts
  • Advising clients about workouts outside bankruptcy, including the structuring and implementation of loan modification agreements, asset swaps and sales, and conveyances in lieu of foreclosure